Spring is almost here. There is nothing better than hitting the open road in your RV.  Don’t forget you need the right kind of RV insurance to protect you. That is where we can help you. Many State laws require you to maintain liability coverage on your vehicle. Here is a schedule of insurance coverage you might consider:

Many of us love to ride the Arkansas highways on our motorcycles. Taking a ride with family and friends on a fresh crisp weekend is pure joy. Providing Motorcycle Insurance is what we do.  

All motorcycles on the road are required by law to have motorcycle insurance. Motorcycle insurance protects a motorcycle and its owner in the event of a loss. The term motorcycle policy encompasses motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, snowmobiles, ATVs, and golf carts

Automobile accidents happen every day. That is one reason you should have Arkansas auto insurance through Kohler & Green Insurance. Although no one wants to experience an auto accident, knowing what to do in case one happens to you could soften the impact on your life in the days and weeks to follow. You purchase Arkansas auto insurance to help you through accidents, if and when, they happen. Here are a few suggestions to help you:

When was the last time you reviewed your insurance coverage? The start of a New Year is a great time to review your personal insurance. Most of us know that major life events can make it necessary to update our insurance coverage. But did you know that even subtle changes can have an impact on your financial needs and plans?  Call our office today, and we can help you find the right combination of coverage and price.

Insurance “To Do” List

·         Review my insurance to make sure I have the right coverage

·         Take the time to read my insurance policies

·         Consider increasing my umbrella coverage

·         Check my credit score

·         Get a quote for earthquake insurance

·         Consider an alarm system

·         Clean my gutters

·         Have I replaced all the batteries in my smoke detectors?

·         Does my independent agent have all my correct information, including new phone number, address, and newly purchased property?

·         Consider increasing my auto deductibles on my older vehicles

·         Make sure I have identity theft insurance

·         Combine my auto and home insurance to save money

·         Complete a home inventory to ensure my property values are correct

·         Do I have enough life insurance?

·         Do I need life insurance for my spouse?

·         Have there been any of the following changes in my life situations?

o   Bought  a new car or sold a car

o   Changed your marital status

o   Bought a boat, RV or ATV

o   Change of address

o   Welcomed a new baby into the family

o   Major inheritance

o   Have a new teen driver in the family

o   New purchase of guns, jewelry or art

o   Child headed off to college

o   Child over the age of 26

o   Purchased second home

o   Plan foreign travel

o   Started a home based business

o   Retirement

o   I now drive my personal car for work


Please call our office today if you need to make any changes in your insurance program. 

It is that time of year when many of us give that special person in our lives a gift that they will enjoy year round. Valentine’s gifts typically include watches, jewelry, art, cameras and other valuable items.

CNN reports that Valentine’s gift spending will reach $18.6 billion dollars this year. $4.4 billion dollars will be spent on jewelry alone. Other interesting Valentine’s Day facts:

Insurance can be confusing to many people. But here are few interesting facts to get you thinking about your insurance program. We can offer the right combination of pricing and coverage on your home, auto, boat, and business insurance.

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