Auto Insurance

Auto insurance plays an important role in society. It protects you from liability and covers the damage in the event of an accident.  Remember each auto insurance policy is different, and if you purchased your auto insurance online you may not have proper coverage. Claims will be paid based on your individual auto policy terms and conditions. Check out these interesting claims.

Auto insurance claims

·         A teenager drove the family van into the swimming pool; he pushed the gas rather the brakes.

·         An elderly man filed a claim after neighbors witnessed his wife drive through their garage door, through the living room and into their camper trailer, pushing it into the home's septic tank, resulting in the entire carport collapsing.

·         A family was driving home from Christmas tree shopping, and they tied the tree to the top of the car. The tree flew off the top of the car and hit two other vehicles causing damage and injury.

·         One day, a dog discovered a raccoon in his owner’s garage. The dog scared the raccoon and caused him to climb to the nearest safe place-- the roof of the dog-owner’s Lexus. While the raccoon and dog both suffered some damage, the biggest casualty was the Lexus. The entire body of the car was covered in claw and scratch marks, requiring a complete body makeover.

·         The owner of a 1961 Ford was working in the garage when his 10-point mounted buck fell off the wall and directly onto his precious car.

·         All these claims were subject to policy terms and deductibles.

Auto Insurance Coverage

According to, Auto insurance protects you against financial loss if you have an accident. It is a contract between you and the insurance company. You agree to pay the premium and the insurance company agrees to pay your losses as defined in your policy. Auto insurance provides property, liability, physical damage and medical coverage.

Many people don't fully understand what their auto insurance policy covers and excludes. To avoid making costly assumptions, it pays to know what's included in your policy. We are here to help answer all your insurance questions. 

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